The Limited Edition collection draws inspiration from fashion, elegance and love. It is heralded by a photo shoot by Paulina Wesołowska, realized in Paris - not without reason called the most romantic of cities. However, you don't have to go to the French capital to experience the summer charm and magic of love. The rustling of the fabric on a warm evening, its delicate pattern and refined details will allow every woman to feel special and celebrate the most beautiful moments.


Pastel colors and gold details give the Limited Edition collection a unique glow that makes every woman feel like the star of her story. These subtle yet expressive elements evoke the atmosphere of a summer sunset on the Seine, where the light reflects off the townhouses, creating a magical aura of romance.

In the collection you will find not only creations for special occasions, but also proposals ideal for everyday wear. Because, after all, beauty and elegance should not be reserved only for special moments. Dresses with delicate cuts and light fabrics, well-tailored suits and accessories that emphasize feminine beauty - all this is waiting for us in the Limited Edition collection.